S Adhesiu 5ml (Retenció de setmanes 5-6)

Eyelash Extensions Adhesive S (Retention 5-6 Weeks) - MISSLAMODE

$ 15.99 USD



✅ KEEPS LASH EXTENSIONS MUCH LONGER – MISSLAMODE volume eyelash extension glue has an extra-strength formula that holds the eyelash extensions in place for up to 5-6 weeks. this will create a high-quality service for your customers and allow them to enjoy their eyelash extensions longer

✅ NORMAL DRYING LASH GLUE – with a record drying time of just 3-5 seconds, you will be able to service you, customers, much faster and more efficiently. volume eyelash extension glue requires a normal drying eyelash extension adhesive to maintain consistency in your volume fans. this premium lash extension glue is best used for Volume lashes but can also be used for classic lashes.

✅ SAFE & PREMIUM INGREDIENTS – our premium eyelash glue formula has been tested over and over again with the professionals to get the formula “just right” for all eyelash extension needs, our product does not contain latex or formaldehyde.

✅ SATISFACTION GUARANTEED - We stand by each and every flow lash products because our products are simply the best on the market. if you by any chance are not 100% satisfied with our product just contact us and we will guarantee your money back. no questions asked!

✅ SILICONE DESICCANT FOR A LONGER LIFESPAN – each bottle of glue packaging equipped with a 2g silicone desiccant, can maintain good humidity, at the same time can be a longer shelf life of glue, silicone desiccant on the human body and glue without any damage, you can rest assured that the use of.

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